English Communication Skills Training: Strengthen Clarity & Boost Confidence

Our English Communication Skills Training program empowers executives with the skills needed to communicate effectively and confidently in diverse business environments.

Enhanced Communication Clarity

Improved Professional Confidence

Effective Cross-Cultural Communication

When Effective Communication Matters, Does Your Team...

  • communicate clearly, or struggle with misunderstandings?
  • convey ideas confidently, or feel hesitant and unsure?
  • engage effectively with diverse audiences, or face cultural barriers?
  • listen actively, or miss crucial information and context?



Course Overview

Our English Communication Skills Training program focuses on essential techniques to improve clarity, boost confidence, and enhance communication effectiveness in professional settings.

Participants will explore strategies for clear communication, develop active listening skills, and learn how to navigate cross-cultural interactions successfully.

Course Highlights

  • Effective Communication Strategies: Equipping participants with techniques to convey ideas clearly and confidently in professional settings.
  • Active Listening Techniques: Learning methods to listen attentively and respond appropriately, ensuring effective communication.
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Skills: Acquiring skills to engage and communicate effectively with diverse audiences, overcoming cultural barriers.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this program, participants will:

  • Enhance communication clarity through effective strategies and techniques.
  • Build confidence in their professional communication skills.
  • Develop active listening abilities to ensure accurate and effective communication.
  • Master cross-cultural communication to engage effectively with diverse audiences.
  • Improve overall communication proficiency, leading to better team collaboration and productivity.

Who Should Attend?

This program is tailored for individuals in various professional roles, including:

  • Team Leaders
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • HR Professionals
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals

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Encik Ahmad
Ex-Group President of KPJ Berhad

One of the most thorough training and market research ever done for KPJ hospitals. 

We were so glad to have engaged Ranukka and her team in Image Revamp to improve our employee’s branding.


Real People, Real Results..

The Market Research element was really useful as it gave us insights to what we did not realize was happening with our team.

Made the training a lot more effective and our HODs are able to monitor the team better.

Mdm Lew Chee Quin

Managing Director, HOYA Lens Malaysia

I did not these were gaps that our consumers were expecting from us. Definitely an eye opener and makes the training a lot more relevant.

The operation heads love this

Dato Terry Ngiaw

CEO of A-Look Optometry Chains

Really love the structure of how Ranukka conducts the program. All my senior members thoroughly enjoyed it and most importantly learnt important key points that would allow them to represent MYCC better. We will definitely be working with Image Revamp again in 2022 for our middle managers

Encik Iskandar Ismail



Your Questions, Answered. 

How long are the coaching programs?

It truly depends on the objectives that you wish to achieve and the level of depth of the subject. Discovery programs are typically 1-2 full days and in-depth programs are 3-4 months, which includes a coaching element to it.

Are these programs hrdf claimabble?

Yes they certainly are!

Do you only offer employee branding and customer experience workshops?

We have several associate trainers that do cover other programs such as Leadership Management, Business Conversational Skills, Stress Management and Selling with Conviction.

Are these programs only for client facing associates (EG: sales & marketing)?

Not at all. Though we do train client facing staffs in our programs, a bulk of our participants come from management level, finance as well as back-office functions. Everyone needs to be trained in maintaining the consistency of the company’s brand.

Can we have you on retainer?

Yes certainly. This is an option some of our clients opt for, where we periodically train and coach the staffs once a month on different aspects of branding. We definitely think the retainer model helps as a refresher to staffs on the program, and hence transfer of knowledge is higher

Do you do short workshops or talks?

Yes we do. In the past we have been engaged by various organizations both profit and non-profit in giving 1- 2 hour talks on personal branding.

What is the cost?

The cost would be determined by number of pax as well as length of program. Rates are also different if you choose to claim under HRDC. Do reach out for a quotation.

Ideally when should a company start thinking of having programs like this for their associates?

The best time would be in the first quarter of the year once the company has finalized the direction of the year in terms of business and branding strategy. This way, associates are able to quickly live and breath the company’s brand.

What type of industries have you trained in the past?

We have trained almost 150 companies to date ranging from healthcare, oil& gas, property, financial services as well as a variety of government agencies. 

Do you do paid partnership endorsements?

Yes we do. To date, we have been engaged as brand ambassadors for brands like Sacoor Brothers, QV Skincare ( Ego Pharmaceuticals) and Calisto Vision Care.

Fontaine Fong
Patient Assess Manager, Merck

The session was so great that all my colleagues have started asking me when would the next one be!

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